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Welcome you to The
Relationship Architect Academy (RA2)

THE 1st Online relationship readiness school of it's kind

   Definition of Relationship Architect™ -- An individual whose "soul mission" is to help others break ground on their past relationship experiences, lay a new foundation based on what they really want and ultimately build the relationships of their dreams.

RA2 was created by our Founder, Anita Charlot, who after over 25 years of Relationship Coaching, Management and Military Experience combined, recognized that she could serve more single, coupled and professional women to heal their wounded hearts and broken spirits by offering courses utilizing the same material that she used with her one-on-one clients.

The online training courses offered here at the Academy are definitely more than what you will find on any dating site. Our courses help you to get in touch with the truth of who you are, learn to love and accept yourself unconditionally while at the same time teaching you the tools that you will need in order to build the relationships that you have always dreamed of.

By registering for and fully completing courses
through RA2, you can expect the following
personal transformation:

  • Increased Confidence
  • Re-connection with your TRUE spirit
  • Ability to articulate your feelings...with ease
  • Never feel intimidated by your dating pursuits again
  • Understand the nature of the demise of previous relationships - both personal and professional.
  • Clarity on the "spirit" of the person that is 'perfectly-imperfect' for you.
  • Understand the energy of men
  • Learn the tools and connect with a network of other SAFIs for support and sisterhood.

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