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With almost two decades of inspirational, relational and business consulting combined with over two decades of experience in deliberate life solutions, Anita has a proven track record. She has successfully raised two confident, self-empowered and beautifully spirited sons, created multiple businesses, authored numerous books, and even produced a radio show based on relationships while at the same time "growing through" many emotional, relational and professional challenges.

All courses are created to empower people to connect with their "authentic selves" while giving them the tools, tools and solutions to create the relationships that speak to the truth of who they are. All courses are delivered via email and are created for you to study at your own pace. A few of the courses currently include a Private Coaching Session with Anita or an option to upgrade to include a private session with your course. Once you have paid for your course, you will receive immediate confirmation of your registration and within 24 hours you will receive information regarding orientation, how the course will work and how and when to schedule your private telephone coaching session with Anita.

RA2 training provides maximum flexibility to our students. Training may be done on your own time via our self-study format. We understand that not all schedules are the same or that all individuals learn at the same pace. The estimated time commitment for the course is there as a guide but you are free to take as much or as little time as you need. We would strongly advise you not to rush through any of the courses, but to approach them with the desire to embark upon them in the spirit of full comprehension vs. fast completion. Take all the time you need, after all, this is your relationship future that you are building.

**Tuition Rates are subject to change without notice.

Purrfectly Authentic Communication™
Based on the philosophy in the book "The 5 Phases of Dating," this course will teach you the difference between what you say you want and how you are actually coming across. This course is for the person that feels as though they are often "misunderstood." You will take time to define, redefine and finalize the terms you use when in communication with others so that you do not feel you have to resort to tactics like - the silent treatment, passive aggressive behavior, nagging, etc. After completing this course, you will be able to identify where the communication breakdown has been in your relationships and will have learned new ways to authentically communicate your feelings and desires.
  • Downloadable Coursebook Included
  • Learn at your own pace  
  • Optional 30 Minute-Telephone Coaching Session with Anita
  • Tuition - $47/$127
  • Purrfectly Authentic Communication



5 Techniques to Spiritually and Emotionally
DIS-Connect From Your Ex!!!™

What do you do when even after the breakup, you still have residual feelings that you just cannot figure out how to shake? What if you find yourself constantly think about your ex, reliving both the good and the bad moments even though you know that the relationship is over and that you need to move on, but you are having a hard time doing so? You take this course!!!

Using simple yet practical spiritual techniques, this course was designed to assist you with disconnecting from your ex and transmuting that energy into attracting the quality of relationship that you really want.

During this course you will:

  • Learn 5 unique techniques for disconnecting spiritually and emotionally from your ex
  • Get very descriptive instructions on the how to complete the exercises as well as understand why each technique is important to your overall relationship readiness success
  • Downloadable Coursebook included
  • YOU decide how many of the techniques you want to do
  • Optional 30-Minute Telephone Coaching Session with Anita
  • Tuition - Before Valentine's Day $67/$157; $97/$187 after
  • Course Options

Radically Authentic Transformation System™ Certificate Program
Increase your self-awareness quotient by 100% The Radically Authentic Transformation System™ (R.A.T.S!) helps you identify the "internal baggage" that poisons all of your relationships and brings you closer to learning to love and accept yourself 100% unconditionally and clear your energy to attract the love that you truly want...according to YOUR truth. 
  • Downloadable Coursebook Included
  • Estimated Time Commitment ~ 6 Weeks; 2-3 Hours per week homework
  • Includes 2 30-Minute Telephone Coaching Sessions with Anita with Optional additional 30 Minute Upgrade
  • Tuition - $397/$497
  • RATS!!!
5 Building Blocks of A Successful Relationship™

Based on the book The 5 Phases of Dating...Without Losing Sight of Your Purrfectly Authentic Self written by Anita Charlot, this course breaks the "relationship building process" into 5 Phases, each one building on the other pointing out specific topics to focus on along the way.If you're ready to learn how to slow down the dating process to improve your possibility of ultimate relationship success...this course if for you.
  • Downloadable Coursebook Included
  • Estimated Time Commitment 4 weeks ~ Expect to spend at least 2-3 Hours per week on homework
  • Optional Upgrade to a 30-Minute Telephone Coaching Session w/Anita
  • Tuition - $297/$397
  • 5 Building Blocks

 Internal Groundwork

Based on the philosophy in the book "The 5 Phases of Dating," this course will take you through the necessary "internal groundwork" to prepare you to be able to identify the spirit of the person that is right for you a. You will uncover what is truly important to you, the character traits of the spirit that is perfectly-imperfect for you as well as learn how to accept and love all parts of you 100%.
  • Downloadable Coursebook Included
  • Learn at your own pace
  • Optional 30 Minute-Telephone Coaching Session with Anita
  • Tuition - $47/$127
  • Internal Groundwork
 How to Determine the Dating Potential of Another Person in 10 Minutes or Less™

This course will teach you how to begin to identify key character traits that are most important to you within the first ten minutes of conversation with a potential dating partner. (Suggested rpe-requisite - Internal Groundwork.) After you have uncovered what is truly important to you, now its time for you to learn how to determine the dating potential of another person during your first conversation. Is it possible to learn how to do this within 10 Minutes or Less...of course it is. It has been proven time and time again. Be 100% honest during your Internal Groundwork course and you are guaranteed success in this one. If you're tired of wasting time dating individuals for months before realizing that the person is not the "one" this course is for you.
  • Downloadable Coursebook Included
  • Learn at your own pace
  • Optional Upgrade to a 30-Minute Personal Telephone Coaching Session w/Anita
  • Tuition - $97/$187
    10 Minutes or Less

      Payment plans offered on a case by case basis. If you are ready to step into greater confidence with yourself and in your relationships but are in need of a payment plan, please send an email to the admissions department with a brief explanation to