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Check back often to see our many diverse courses and coaching intensives offered throughout the year

Courses are offered via the following mediums:
  • Teleseminar
  • Streaming Video
  • e-Book or Audio Download
  • 6-week and 12-week Virtual Programs
  • Webinar
  • Live Events
  • Etc.
ALL course offerings are created to empower women to connect with their "authentic selves" while giving them the tools, tools and solutions to create the relationships that speak to the truth of who they are.

On occasion, there are courses that include a Private Coaching Session with Anita and/or access to an exclusive Facebook Group. These are Master Level Courses that are only offered several times a year.

RA2 self-study training offerings provide our students with maximum flexibility. We understand that you lead busy lives and may not be able to follow a specific schedule. Training may be done on your own time via our self-study format. 

The estimated time commitment for the course is there as a guide but you are free to take as much or as little time as you need. We would strongly advise you not to rush through any of the courses, but to approach them with the desire to embark upon them in the spirit of full comprehension vs. fast completion. Take all the time you need, after all, this is your relationship future that you are building.

Be sure to check back as courses are added throughout the year.

How to Determine the Dating Potential of 
Another Person in 10 Minutes or Less™

This course will teach you how to begin to identify key
character traits that are most important to you within the first
ten minutes of conversation with a potential dating partner.
After you have uncovered what is truly important to you, now its
time for you to learn how to determine the dating potential of
another person during your first conversation. Is it possible to
learn how to do this within 10 Minutes or Less...of course it is.
It has been proven time and time again.
  1. Clear-Concrete Examples
  2. Learn How to Hear What they DON'T Say
  3. Increase Dating Confidence
If you commit to applying yourself 100% and take the time to
actually DO the coursework and you will be successful in this
one. If you're tired of wasting time dating individuals for months
before realizing that the person is not the "one" this course is
for you.
  • Downloadable Coursebook Included
  • Learn at your own pace
  • Tuition - $67
5 Techniques to Spiritually and Emotionally Disconnect From Your Ex!!!™

What do you do when even after the breakup, you still have
residual feelings that you just cannot figure out how to shake?
What if you find yourself constantly think about your ex, reliving
both the good and the bad moments even though you know
that the relationship is over and you should move on, but you
are having a hard time doing so?

You should definitely take this course!!!

  1. Practical and Spiritual Exercises
  2. Step by Step Instructions (Including videos)
  3. Same Exercises as One - on - One Clients
Using simple yet practical spiritual techniques, this course was designed
to assist you with disconnecting from your ex and transmuting that energy
into attracting the quality of relationship that you really want.

  • Downloadable (PDF) Coursebook included
  • YOU decide how many of the techniques you want to do
  • $97 Tuition


      Please note: The tuition and fees you see reflected next to the courses are subject to change at any time for any reason. However, if you act today before midnight you will be granted the fee that is reflected on this page. To protect yourself from being shocked, surprised and even shutout we respectfully request that you respond now to lock in the rates that are most appropriate and best for your situation.